Büdingen is located in the south of the Wetterau. It is located 15 km north of the city Gelnhausen and about 40 km east of Frankfurt am Main. Büdingen belonged historically to Oberhessen.

Büdingen is often called the red castle of Hesse. Historic sites in the city Is houses.more than 100 years old. Medieval fortress town, die well preserved is worth seeing. A large part of the wall of the city, the defense tower and the gate of the city still preserved and accessible.

They all die best under the preserved cities in Europe. The city of Büdingen Measures 122 square kilometers One of the largest in the region and Hessen to make.

Bebauungsplan «Am Lipperts»

City of Büdingen envisaged in this area Preparation No.52 Plan development «InLippert».

In the area between the Orles houses and Lorbacher streets, the most important development is a residential area (WA), a mixed area (MI) and a gewer-gegebied (GEE) restricted.

«In Lippert» The entire project is developed and designed according to the current parameters of sustainability, ecology and urbanity in order to integrate the district of Büdingen «Making City».